ChovA is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of construction products.
Our business focuses primarily on providing solutions and products for waterproofing, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation for the building.
The means of production and manufacturing systems used by ChovA are designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Based on a clear international strategy, and leaning on a large share of the domestic market, Chova has always looked for strengthening its brand and presence in foreign markets in which it has, today, an established presence. The quality of its products and the high adaptability of the company to the highest international standards, have favored its expansion in foreign markets. Currently, Chova has an experience in exporting worldwide for over 25 years. A wide logistic and distribution network allows the company to be present in a total of 40 countries such as the United States, Germany, Turkey, Poland etc ….

A part from its main factory located at Tavernes de la Valldigna (Valencia – Spain) the company has founded different production plants worldwide:

• Production plant of bituminous membranes in Abasolo (Nuevo Leon) Mexico
• Production plant of HDPE draining sheets in Vitoria (Spain)
• Production plant of asphalt shingle tiles in Ryazan (Russia)
• Production plant of bituminous membranes in Pichincha (Ecuador)


All means of production and manufacturing systems used by ChovA are designed to meet all the demands of its customers, and quality, innovation and creativity are essential elements of the company pillars. The company is dedicating many resources each year to achieve such targets that have contributed to lead the company to be a pioneer in many aspects, highlighting among others:
• First Spanish company to integrate computerized prescription of waterproofing systems
• First Spanish manufacturer of self-adhesive sheets
• Sole Spanish manufacturer of asphalt shingle tiles.
• Sole manufacturer of waterproofing compound + Thermal Insulation
• Pioneers in 1977 in the incorporation of SBS in bitumen waterproofing sheets.
• First manufacturer of waterproofing sheets and Extruded Polystyrene XPS

The different departments of R & D located in the different production plants are equipped with edge technology, working daily in the improvement and development of products to provide customers with solutions and improvements in their work, and with a maximum guarantee and performance.
The R + D + i exploit the synergies produced by continuous communication by sharing best practices. As regards certification, the ChovA products are certified by the most prestigious European certification centers.

ChovA features a future project to remain among the leadership of companies in the construction sector with a very specific model of growth: Growing by adding value and by clearly differentiating business processes and initiatives undertaken by the company, and always taking into account the quality of the product, the technological development and the creation of new products.

ChovA offers a complete range of waterproofing products that are a benchmark for professionals. The high quality products suit perfectly the needs of customers as they offer advanced and effective solutions for: roof waterproofing, walls, garden decks, parking, etc..
The brands of products have a solid reputation in the building field : Politaber, Tegola Americana ChovATERM, Rapid Bric ChovATEC

ChovA relies on a range of draining sheets directed to the sector of civil engineering and perfectly adapted to the tunnels, bridges, water pools, sports fields, etc..

The range is available with or without a layer of geotextile.

The company has a complete range of nonwovens polyester and polypropylene.
The main applications of the products GEOFIM are: protection, separation, filtration, drainage.

Emulsions and slurrys
ChovA emulsions are products used for surface priming, coating of walls and foundations and in general surface protection. The slurrys are applied in industrial flooring, sports courts, bike paths, …

Adhesives and Sealants
Chovastar is a brand that has a quality assurance. The range is including products for sealing and bonding, adhesives, and waterproofing repair. These products complete perfectly the waterproofing and insulation ranges.

Thermal insulation
It offers a complete range of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam boards, mineral wool (glass wool and rock wool) and polyester fibers and agglomerates. The range meets the requirements of architects, professional of the sector and of suppliers of building materials.
ChovAFOAM XPS is the perfect choice for those who want a green insulation with a high added value.
The manufacturing facilities of the XPS Boards, located at Tavernes de Valldigna (Valencia – Spain) are equipped with the most advanced technologies.

Acoustic Insulation
Chova worked for more than 10 years on developing the range of products ChovACUSTIC with exceptional specifications for sound insulation in buildings, public buildings, educational facilities, recreational areas, etc..

The company strategy is focussed on customers who come to be the neuralgic center of activity. The target is “customer satisfaction” in regards to the company. Every day, the company strives to improve the channels of communication with customers and quality of service.
Loyal to the achievement of this objective, the priorities of the Customer Service, are among others:
• Order management.
• Personalized service.
• Support.
Through customer service (S.A.C) Chova improves and reaffirms its position of leadership and compromise with the client.

The company considers necessary to provide real support before and after sale and to contribute to the correct choice of products that form part of the building project. For this purpose, one of the main assets of the company is its Technical Department that consists of highly skilled technicians. This distinguished group of technicians supports the customer throughout the different phases of construction of the building.