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Our business lines are mainly focused on offering solutions and products to guarantee a complete system of Waterproofing, Thermal Insulation and Soundproofing.


Building waterproofing solutions for flat or pitched roofs, walls and screeds based on clear criteria and in simplified terms.

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Several elements are to be considered to ensure end-user comfort inside the building.

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We offer a wide range of building waterproofing and insulation systems shaped to meet the needs of everyone.

Thermal Insulation

Solutions to achieve that the elements in contact with the external environment increase their resistance to heat and cold transmission.

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ChovA has created a waterproofing and insulation manual of building systems which offers waterproofing solutions for flat and sloping roofs, walls and screeds, based on clear criteria and in simplified terms.


Innovation, quality, diversity and service turn ChovA into a leading group in the field of building.


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Technical assistance

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us to help you to select the correct system.

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