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ChovA is a specialist in efficient building solutions for Waterproofing and Thermal and Acoustic Insulation.

Almost a century of history supports ChovA and make us a benchmark in the professional sector of international markets. We offer solutions and products that guarantee health, energy efficiency and the building comfort.

We manufacture and commercialize building materials and offer a wide choice of building systems that guarantee people’s wellness inside the building.

The main axes of ChovA‘s activity revolve around quality, innovation and creativity. Furthermore, our production units, as well as our manufacturing systems, are focused on satisfying all the needs of our clients.

Our constant market studies and daily contact with customers, lead us to learn about their needs thus to offer them best solutions with the maximum guarantee. In this way, we have achieved milestones as important as:

Did you know that ChovA...

ChovA‘s products are approved by the most prestigious European Accreditation bodies such as AENOR.


Our reason of being is to offer innovative and efficient solutions in waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation, focused on improving the quality of life of people.


Our goal and aspiration is to be one of the most internationally recognized companies. We strive to seek for excellence and are committed to achieve a great business management and diversification.


The core values of the company are innovation, quality, diversification and sustainability.

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