In recent years, we have strengthened our brand in international markets by our significant presence in these areas. As a result of our broad logistics and distribution network, we are present in over 40 countries providing a fast service with permanent stocks.

The internationalisation and certification of ChovA products is helping to consolidate the company in the construction sector.


With international career, Chova has always considered its presence in foreign markets as a strategy, and strengthened its brand in international markets thanks to a strong presence in these areas. Positioned at present in the domestic market with a considerable market share, the firm continued strongly in foreign markets.

Its extensive logistics and distribution network, with a presence in countries like USA, Germany, Turkey, Poland, etc. …. up to a total of 40.
In these markets, the company has managed to introduce its products thanks to the recognized quality of its products and its ability to adapt to the most demanding International Standards, already having an experience of over 25 years in exporting worldwide.

Besides its central factory located in Tavernes de la Valldigna town of Valencia the company founded by different production plants world:
• Production plant asphalt sheets in Abasolo (Nuevo Leon) Mexico
• Production plant drenanthic sheet of HDPE in Vitoria (Spain)
• Production plant in Ryazan (Russia)
• Production plant in Pichincha (Ecuador)