ChovACUSTIC 65 fieltex



Multilayer compound comprising 16-mm of textile felt thermally adhered to a 2-mm high-density visco-elastic membrane.
Excellent and versatile device for decreasing air-borne noise in a wide range of frequencies as a result of:
- High density and elasticity (visco-elastic membrane).
- High porosity (textile felt).


1- Cut a section of ChovACUSTIC taking the downpipe dimensions into account. Use a cutter or a radial saw for that purpose.
2- Line the downpipe with ChovACUSTIC so that the visco-elastic membrane is facing outwards. Fasten the material using plastic flanges placed every 20 cm.
3- Repeat these steps, placing the next sections end-to-end.
4- Place ChovASEAL adhesive sealing tape on all the joints of the sections to ensure they are waterproof.


- Acoustic insulation of all types of air and water pipes.
- Reinforcement of structural floor acoustic insulation.