Insulation tile for new buildings and refurbishment works



Filter tile comprising a filter hydraulic mortar on insulation, XPS 300 kPa. Suitable for trafficable inverted roof.

Insulating tile comprising an extruded polystyrene board, 40 mm thick, joined to a top layer of cement mortar, 35 mm thick, on a base of selected mineral aggregates and special additives.
With a porous surface finish consisting of inert minerals, with a selected grain-size, between 2 and 4 mm, which serve as a mechanical and draining protective layer. The top mechanical protection layer has bevelled edges. This configuration rapidly drains away water from the roof surface after it has rained.
It is especially suitable for trafficable inverted roofs, Walkable pathways on trafficable roofs, for light or heavy protection, etc.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (cm) Thickness Mortar (mm) Thickness XPS (mm) RT (m2 K/w) Units/ Pallet m² / Pallet
Inverlosa Gris 60×60 35 40 1,1 36 12,96
Inverlosa Gris 60×60 35 50 1,4 32 11,52
Inverlosa Gris 60×60 35 60 1,7 30 10,80
Inverlosa Gris 60×60 35 80 2,20 26 9,36