Acoustic Insulation DIY & HOME

Viscolam autoadhesiva brico

Viscolelastic high-density sheet made of double adhesive mastic technology in its entire surface. Specially designed to improve soundproofing in different situations. High adherence and easy to install.
Excellent barrier against noise transmission thanks to:
- High density (1,600 kg/m3).
- High loss factor.
- Low modulus of elasticity


Products for impact noise attenuation
ChovAIMPACT® is a special complex, made of high quality polyethylene by a direct extrusion and physical expansion process, with closed cells.

Kit Multiaislante

Rigid and semirigid polyurethane agglomerated foam panels.
Versatile system for acoustic and thermal insulation for easy installation. Maximum absorption of noise (80%).
Excellent thermal insulation (equivalent to rockwool of equal density).