Safety Data Sheet

CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Insulation polyisocyanurate (PIR) boards, bonded on both faces to a glass-mat, for building use and for metallic decks.

Recommended use

  • Thermal building insulation below the waterproofing of metallic decks or non-walkable conventional roof systems.
  • Light pedestrian conventional roof system.   


  • Closed cell product (not rated for inverted roof)
  • Heat-stable (Does not melt or drip)
  • Fire resistant.
  • Free from the highly toxic CFC’s and HCF’s gases.
  • Resistant to delamination.
  • Long-lasting.

ProductWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (Kg/m²)RT (m² K/W)m²/PalletReference
ChovAPIR VV 4012002500401.281.456083615*
ChovAPIR VV 5012002500501.601.854883620*
ChovAPIR VV 6012002500601.922.203983625*
ChovAPIR VV 8012002500802.563.053083627*
ChovAPIR VV 100120025001003.203.852483628*

* Product on request. Check minimum order quantity


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