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In a building the most common impact noise disturbances come from the neighbour houses. Common examples are footsteps on the floor, dropping objects, dragging chairs, etc. causing impact sounds that travel through the building from a house to another. ChovA has developed the ChovAIMPACT range of products consisting in non-crosslinked expanded polyethylene foams membranes designed to improve the building acoustic insulation.

Recommended useProduct rangeWhere to install
BuildingChovAIMPACT 3Floor screed/Laminate flooring
BuildingChovAIMPACT 5-10Floor screed
BuildingChovAIMPACT RTFloor screed
Engine roomsChovAIMPACT ALTA RESISTENCIAFloor screed
Leisure premissesChovAIMPACT PLUSFloor screed


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