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AENOR Certificate

Synthetic waterproofing membrane composed of vinyl polychloride (PVC-P) sheets, laminated accordingly to a coextrusion system with different reinforcements. Suitable to be installed onto most building substrates.


  • High tear resistance.
  • Great punching strength.
  • Good Tensile strength.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • Good resistance to microorganisms, putrefaction and
    natural wearing process.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Resistant to root penetration.
  • Available in a variety of reinforcements.


  • Fits perfectly the different shapes of the substrate
  • Easy and fast application. Automatic or manual welding or
    induction heating.
  • Light and easy handling. Flame free
  • Excellent resistance to abrupt temperature changes and to U.V. rays.
  • Good permeability to water vapour.
  • Recyclable material.

Recommended use      

  • Metallic deck: Industrial building, sport facilities, logistic centers…
  • Non-trafficable ballasted flat deck.
  • Flat landscape system.
  • Flat deck for pedestrian traffic with ceramic tiles protection.
  • Flat deck with floating floor with ceramic or Inverlosa tiles.
ProductSurfacingReinforcementThickness (mm)Size (m)Roll (m²)Pallet (m²)ReferenceTDSDoP
CHOVIPOL RP 1,2Light greyPolyester1,22,10×2552,50892,5038019PDF
CHOVIPOL RP 1,5Light greyPolyester1,52,10×204271438018PDF
CHOVIPOL RV 1,2Light greyFiberglass1,22,05×204173838039PDF
CHOVIPOL RV 1,5Light greyFiberglass1,52,05×204161538004PDF
CHOVIPOL RV 1,2 NO INTEMP.BlackFiberglass1,22,05×204173838007PDF
CHOVIPOL RV 1,5 NO INTEMP.BlackFiberglass1,52,05×204161538005PDF
CHOVIPOL AGUA POTABLE 1,2Light greyUnreinforced1,22×204072038032*PDF
ALMAPOL 0,8 NO INTEMP.Black0,81,50×253090038014PDF

* Product on request. Check minimum quantity


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