Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Reference: 37450

Torch-applied SBS modified bituminous membrane, roll size 1 m x 10 m and 4 kg/m2 reinforced with a reinforced non-woven polyester felt and surfaced on both sides with a Plastic film.

Recommended use

  • Bilayer waterproofing system with heavy protection.
  • First layer of a bilayer waterproofing system exposed to weathering.
  • Under tile membrane of a Single layer system for a pitched roof
  • Foundations waterproofing or damp proof courses.
  • Vapour Barrier.
  • Bilayer system exposed to road traffic
  • Protection against radon gas. Provides a barrier against ground gases like radon thus protecting the floor slab. The membrane acts also as a damp proofing course protecting the floor slab from moisture in presence of a groundwater level.

Not suitable for…

  • Exposure to weathering.
  • Cap sheet in a landscape system


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