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The POLITABER PREMIUM is a new range comprised of waterproofing modified bitumen membranes containing a huge percentage of top quality SBS polymers.Torch-on membranes.


  • Great resistance to extreme temperatures ranging from -25º to 110ºC.
  • Greater flexibility and elastic recovery.
  • Higher mechanical resistance properties conferred by the reinforced non-woven polyester felt reinforcement of 200 g./m².
  • Higher thickness for the same mass of bitumen per m² than conventional elastomeric SBS modified bitumen membranes.
  • Superior durability. Product Guarantee of 15 years at least.
  • Cold flexibility -25ºC.
  • Greater bonding to the substrate and at the membranes overlaps.

Recommended use

  • Flat or pitched roof systems.
  • Single or bilayer roof system exposed to weathering or with heavy protection.


ProductReinformentm²/Rollm²/PalletReferenceData SheetDoP
POLITABER PREMIUM VEL 40FV 100 g/m²1025032240*PDF
POLITABER PREMIUM COMBI 40FP Reinforced 200 g/m²1025032250*PDF
POLITABER PREMIUM COMBI 50/GFP Reinforced 200 g/m²820032260*PDF
POLITABER PREMIUM NATURE COMBI 50/GFP Reinforced 200 g/m²820032261*PDF
POLITABER PREMIUM NATURE COMBI 60/GFP Reinforced 200 g/m²816032263
POLITABER PREMIUM COMBI 60/GFP Reinforced 200 g/m²816032262*PDF


*Product on request. Check the minimum quantity order


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