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ChovASYNTHETICS is a range comprised of high performing PVC and TPO waterproofing synthetic solutions that provide a safe and long-lasting waterproofing while contributing to the sustainable development of the planet.

The synthetic waterproofing systems comprised of flexible PVC and TPO membranes are recognized by the Building Standards for waterproofing. The performance of such systems are backed up by the worthy results of their use in many building projects that convert them in a trusty waterproofing system.

ChovASYNTHETICS membranes resist the most common environmental aggressions:

  • Exposure to U.V. rays
  • Abrupt change in temperatures
  • Wind force
  • Pollution and air dust

Applications of synthetic membranes

  • New building waterproofing or to renovate the old waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing systems with heavy protection
  • Green roof – landscape systems.


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