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AENOR Certificate

PLASTPOLY is a thermoplastic polyolefin elastomeric membrane produced accordingly to a coextrusion manufacturing system and reinforced with a polyester felt or  a glass fiber. Resistant to UV rays.


  • High resistance to chemical elements. Compatible with bitumen.
  • Great mechanical strength.
  • Excellent reflectance: COOL ROOF. High SRI index (102%).
  • High flexibility
  • Resistant to root penetration.
  • Good dimensional stability. No shrink or expand.
  • High resistance to microorganisms.
  • Free from Plasticizers (no migration, contamination/loose of colour).
  • Thermo-welding laying keeping seams together.


  • High solar reflectance and thermal control, COOL ROOF.
  • The High SRI index (102ºC) promotes to get Certifications such as BREAM, LEAD and Green.
  • Easy and fast application. Manual or automatic welding. No flame need and easy handling.
  • High durability, resistance and stability.
  • Recyclable material.
  • Ready to use over bituminous decks and XPS insulation boards.
  • Availability of accessories for decks with high fire resistance requirements.

Recommended use

Flat metallic decks: Industrial buildings, sport complexes, logistic centers, etc.

ProductSurfacingReinforcementThickness (mm)Size (m)Roll (m²)Pallet (m²)ReferenceTDSDoP
PLASTPOLY RV 1,5Reflective whiteFiberglass1,52,10×2552,5073538050*PDF
PLASTPOLY RP 1,2Reflective whitePolyester1,22,10×2552,5094538051PDF
PLASTPOLY RP 1,5Reflective whitePolyester1,52,10×2552,5073538052PDF
PLASTPOLY RP 1,8Reflective whitePolyester1,82,10×204258838053*PDF
PLASTPOLY RP 2.0Reflective whitePolyester22,10×204258838054*PDF
PLASTPOLY SR 1,5WhiteUnreinforced1,51,05×2526,2563038055PDF

* Product on request. Check minimum quantity


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