ViscoLAM 35



High-density visco-elastic membrane, especially designed to improve acoustic insulation in various situations.
Excellent noise barrier as a result of:
- High density (1600 kg/m3)
- High loss factor
- Low elastic modulus


1. Cut a section of ViscoLAM to fit the partition dimensions using a cutter.
2. Attach ViscoLAM to the laminated plasterboard in any of the following ways:
a) Using metal screws with a washer.
b) Using staples (8, 10 or 12 mm leg length).
c) Using contact adhesive.
The membrane should be placed staggering the joints of the laminated plasterboard.
3. Repeat these steps, placing the next sections end-to-end.


- Reinforcing the acoustic insulation of the dry lining materials (laminated plasterboard) and wooden constructions.
- Thinner solutions in rehabilitation works.
- Acoustic insulation and decrease in vibrations in metal sheet structures.
- Design of several acoustic devices, such as doors, room dividers, noise barriers …