Technical Center

Technical center

At ChovA, as manufacturers of products for waterproofing, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, we know that our commitment to the client does not end with the sale. At ChovA we are aware of the complexity and the work behind a building project, so in the Technical Center you can find different services with which to complete your project.

Commitment to the client

it does not end with the sale. Discover the different services of the Technical Center

ChovA Training Center

This year, in addition to the on-site courses, free technical webinars have been included in the program aimed at architects, technical architects, engineers, project technicians and all those companies related to the development and design of projects.

Technical Assistance to Projects

A manufacturer’s task does not end with the delivery of the products to the client. Nowadays, it is necessary to provide a full pre-sales and post-sales support to ensure the correct selection and use of products that are part of the building project.


From ChovACUSTIC, a leader in acoustic insulation for buildings, we have developed the ChovACUSTIC SOFT software for the prediction of acoustic insulation. As a result, this tool allows the study of airborne noise and impact noise insulation. In addition, it makes it easier for project technicians to prepare projects to comply with the Technical Code, and also enhances the prescription of our construction solutions.

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