Technical assistance

Technical assistance

Technical assistance

A manufacturer’s task does not end with the delivery of the products to the client. Nowadays, it is necessary to provide a full pre-sales and post-sales support to ensure the correct selection and use of products that are part of the building project.

Therefore, one of the greatest ChovA’s assets is its Technical Assistance Department which is composed of highly qualified professional technicians being at the cutting edge of the latest relevant developments of the building industry and who offer a customized technical assistance highly valuable both to architects and to all the parts involved in all the stages of the building project thus saving time and ensuring the quality of the end building.

The services provided by the Department of Technical Project Assistance includes the following activities:

Drafting of a non-binding technical proposal customized to your project.

Technical assistance during the performance of work. Control of the work. Ask for the assistance of our technicians.

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