ChovACUSTIC SOFT – Software for Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Software

ChovACUSTIC SOFT is software to predict sound insulation. At ChovA we offer the technicians ChovACUSTIC SOFT free of charge, a tool that no other material manufacturing company can offer today.

“One in four Spaniards considers noise as the main problem in their home.”

From ChovACUSTIC, a leader in acoustic insulation for buildings, we have developed the ChovACUSTIC SOFT software for the prediction of acoustic insulation.

First of all, it is an easy-to-install software where you can choose the most appropriate solution based on each acoustic needs. As it is a powerful free access tool that responds to the needs of the designer, always taking into account all the variables on which acoustic insulation depends in finished work conditions.

As a result, this tool allows the study of airborne noise and impact noise insulation. In addition, it makes it easier for project technicians to prepare projects to comply with the Technical Code, and also enhances the prescription of our construction solutions.

ChovACUSTIC SOFT functions:

  • Possibility of selecting different types of enclosure geometries. For example, in the case of studying the dividers, we have the option of 4 different types of geometry


  • Database with more than 200 construction elements, with the possibility of including doors and windows.
  • Information on the percentage of noise transmission through each construction element (floor, ceiling, partition wall, facade and interior partition).
  • Final result always visible and updated in real time when making any changes.
  • Generation of reports that include all the data on the construction elements used.
  • Elaboration of acoustic insulation projects according to the general option to comply with the DB-HR section of the Technical Building Code.
  • Two calculation options:
    • According to the European standard method EN 12354 parts 1 and 2.
    • According to the European standard method EN 12354 parts 1 and 2 adapted to Spanish construction systems.

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