Technical data sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

melamine foam boards in light grey colour, designed to eliminate the echo and the noise reverberation in leisure premises or any loudly premise.

The main advantage of the DECOTEC absorbing foam is its low Flammability (fireproof product with Cs2d0 classification) thus it is recommended for public premises. A coverage equivalent to 30% of the floor premises is sufficient to be effective

Recommended use

  • Acoustic insulation of public premises, rehearsal spaces. Reduces the sound reverberation in a large range of frequencies.
ProductSound absorptionSize (mm)Boards/Packetm²/PalletReferenceData Sheet
ChovACUSTIC DECOTEC PIRAMIDE0,67450x450x43864,881564*
ChovACUSTIC DEOTEC SOLID0,87500x500x4066081565

* Product on request. Check minimum quantity


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