Technical data sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Multilayer composite product consisting in a textile felt of 16 mm thermally bonded to high density viscoelastic membrane.

Recommended use

  • Downpipes acoustic insulation.
  • Acoustic insulation of leisure premises (restaurants, bars…)
  • Reinforcement of single leaf brickworks
  • Refurbishment works requiring thinner solutions.
  • Insulation of engine rooms and common areas of buildings


  • Easy mechanical laying on to walls and ceilings
  • Easy installation on to downpipes with fastening brackets
ProductdBWeight (Kg/m²)RT (m² K/W)Thickness (mm)Dimensions (m)m²/PalletReferenceData sheet
ChovACUSTIC 35 FIELTEX13¹/55²4,40,5185,5 x 16656304
ChovACUSTIC 65 FIELTEX58³7,70,5205,5 x 16656303

1. Downpipes test report. ACUSTICA ARQUITECTONICA 170305L15-A. See System Data Sheet l01.

2. Theoretical calculation of a dry lining system. See System Data Sheet D04.

3. Test Report of Dry lignin system. LABEIN B130-IN-CM-305E


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