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The ChovAIMPACT is a polyethylene film, obtained from an extruding manufacturing process, for the protection of small surfaces against impact noise.  

The home range offers rolls of reduced size that due to their small weight and packaging favour the handling of the product and the installation.


  • The ChovAIMPACT Home has a reduced thickness and it is the most economical solution for the acoustic impact noise insulation. It is suitable to be placed under ceramic tiles or laminate flooring.


Polyethylene film suitable for Harwood flooring. The polyethylene film has a greater tear resistance. Makes easier the sliding of hardwood planks during laying.


Polyethylene film surfaced with metallized polyester foil. Suitable for laminate flooring or radiant one in such cases where it is necessary to achieve some thermal insulation.


The surface of the substrate shall be clean and smooth. Product punching hinders its acoustic insulation performance. Place the ChovAIMPACT BANDA at the pillars, perimetric enclosures, and any other building elements that may generate acoustic bridges.

Unwind the roll of ChovAIMPACT BANDA onto the substrate and place the laminate floor onto the latter.

ProductThickness (mm)Size (mm)Rolls/Bagm²/Roll/BagReferenceData Sheet
ChovAIMPACT 2 HOME210 x 1,2201224058064
ChovAIMPACT 3 HOME320 x 1,262414458065
ChovAIMPACT 5 HOME520 x 1,24249658067
ChovAIMPACT PARQUET HOME2,520 x 1,282419258066
ChovAIMPACT 3 TERM HOME320 x 1,24249658058
ChovAIMPACT 5 TERM HOME520 x 1,24249658057*

* Product on request. Consult minimum quantity.


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