Technical data sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane foam boards.

Recommended use

  • Airborne acoustic insulation of drywall systems (ChovAPREN 80).
  • Impact noise acoustic insulation of premises requiring high sound absorption values such as engine rooms and leisure premises with sound amplifiers.
  • Frameworks thermal insulation.


  • Great sound absorption.
  • High elasticity.
  • Direct laying with contact glue.
  • Easy laying.

ProductThickness (mm)Size (m)RT (m² K/W)m²/PalletCodeTDS
ChovAPREN 80/3302x10,798081613
ChovAPREN 80/4402x11,056081615
ChovAPREN 80/4401x11,053081624*
ChovAPREN 80/8802x12,103081621
ChovAPREN 110/2202x10,5112081617
ChovAPREN 110/3302x10,778081618
ChovAPREN 160/2202x10,5012081619

Self-extinguishing Treatment

ProductThickness (mm)Size (m)RT (m² K/W)m²/PalletCodeTDS
ChovAPREN Self-extinguishing 80/3302x10,798081570
ChovAPREN Self-extinguishing 80/4402x11,056081571
ChovAPREN Self-extinguishing 110/2202x10,5112081573*
ChovAPREN Self-extinguishing 160/2202x10,5012081575

* Product on request. Check minimum quantity


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