Technical data sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Waterproofing membrane easy to install designed for pitched roof and wooden pergolas.

Recommended use

Rated to be laid on to concrete and/or wood.  Achieves a perfect watertightness.


  • Cold application. No gas torch need thus avoiding fire risk on a wooden roof.
  • The coloured mineral or the aluminium surface protects the deck against moisture and rain providing, in turn, an aesthetic finish.
  • The SBS elastomeric bitumen supplies a high punching and breaking strength.
  • The aluminium surface of the ChovASTAR SELF-ADHESIVE ALU protects the roof from sun radiation as up to 97% of U.V rays are reverberate thus contributing to
    increase the thermal home comfort.


Clean the surface and lay a primer layer of ChovASTAR PREPARADOR DE SUPERFICIES. Start laying the membrane upwards, from the bottom up to the roof top. The laying of the membrane shall be staggered longitudinally. The overlaps between the different membrane rows shall be of 10 cm. Press down with a roller to ensure sealing.

ProductColourWeight (Kg/m²)m²/RollReferenceData sheet
ChovASTAR Autoadh.Gris oscuro4631402
ChovASTAR Autoadh.Rojo4631401
ChovASTAR Autoadh.Aluminio natural1,6672123*

* Product on request. Check minimum quantity


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