Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Reference: 58185

Multilayer self-adhesive composite product consisting of a high strength polyolefin thermally adhered to a viscoelastic membrane of high density.

Recommended use

Soundproofing of downpipes and of air conditioning pipes.


  • Reduced thickness (4 mm).
  • Fully adhesive.
  • No need of fastening brackets.
  • The roll of 42 cm fits downpipes up to 125 mm size thus no wasted product with the subsequent saving in the installation cost of the product.
  • The product composition is not likely to favour mold growth.

Instructions of use

  • Cut a strip of ELASTOBAND BAJANTES adjusted to the pipe length.
  • Remove the plastic film and lay the product so that the upper face of the viscoelastic membrane gets visible. No need of placing fastening brackets as the product has a great adherence.
  • Repeat the above steps to lay a second coat without need of performing edge overlaps. At the pipe elbows section it is recommended to use the ELASTOBAND 90.
  • Reinforce all the pipe joints with The ELASTOBAND 50 tape to ensure perfect watertightness.
ProductHeight (mm)Length (m)dBARolls/PaLlet


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