Technical data sheet

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CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

APP plastomeric modified bitumen membranes showing the following properties:

  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures
  • Great adhesion to most of the building substrates.
  • The great elasticity of the mastic enhance the absorption of the structural movements.

The unprotected membranes are not suitable for direct exposure to weathering. They are designed for waterproofing systems with heavy protection or as a bottom membrane in self-protected bilayer systems.


ProductSurfacingReinforcementWeight (Kg/m²)Roll (m²)Pallet (m²)Reference
ChovAPLAST VEL 30PolyethyleneFV31236014001
ChovAPLAST VEL 40PolyethyleneFV41028014005
ChovAPLAST POL PY 30PolyethyleneFP31236014009
ChovAPLAST POL PY 40PolyethyleneFP41028014010
ChovAPLAST EXTRA VEL 30PolyethyleneFV31236014100
ChovAPLAST EXTRA VEL 40PolyethyleneFV41028014110
ChovAPLAST EXTRA POL PY 30PolyethyleneFP31236014120
ChovAPLAST EXTRA POL PY 40PolyethyleneFP41025014130
ChovAPLAST EXTRA POL PY 48PolyethyleneFP4.8822414140
ChovAPLAST EXTRA VEL 24APolyethylene SandFV2.41030039110*

FV. Fiberglass. FP: Polyester Felt. PE. Polyethylene film. PR. Polyester Film.

* Product on request. Check minimum quantity

Environmental Product Declaration nº 100.013


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