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The LAROC range consists in high density rigid rockwool insulation boards specially designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of metallic decks. The rigid boards are made of rockwool fibers agglutinated with synthetic thermo reinforced resins and are available in different thicknesses. Thermal conductivity: 0,038 W/mk.

Recommended use:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of metallic decks.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of non-walkable conventional roof system. Flat and pitched. Rated for almost types of building support: concrete, mortar or wood.


The plain rockwool insulation boards offer a protection against fire since the product is fully fireproof.


  • LAROC S: High density rigid board of watertight rockwool coated on the top with a bituminous layer protected with a weldable plastic film to enhance the bonding of the bituminous membrane on to the board. Density: 150 or 175 kg/m3.
  • LAROC N: High density rigid board of watertight rockwool. Density of 150 or 175 kg/m3.

Types of density:

  • Density 150: 150 kg/m3 nominal density, with 50 kPa compressive strength
  • Density 175: 175 kg/m3 nominal density, with 75 kPa compressive strength


ProductThicknessSize (mm)RT (m² K/W) λ (W/mk)m²/PalletReferenceTDS
LAROC N 150/4401200×10001,050,0387881415*
LAROC N 150/5501200×10001,300,03862,4081420*
LAROC N 150/8801200×10002,100,03839,681424*
LAROC N 175/4401200×10001,050,0387881471*
LAROC N 175/5501200×10001,300,03862,4081472*

* Product on request. Check minimum order quantity


ProductThicknessSize (mm)RT (m² K/W) λ (W/mk)m²/PalletReferenceTDS
LAROC S 150/4401200×10001,050,0387881455*
LAROC S 150/5501200×10001,300,03862,4081466*
LAROC S 150/6601200×10001,550,03852,8081465*
LAROC S 175/4401200×10001,050,0387881475*
LAROC S 175/5501200×10001,300,03862,4081476*
LAROC S 175/6601200×10001,550,03852,8081477*

* Product on request. Check minimum order quantity


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