CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Separating and filtering geotextile made of non-woven polyester.

Recommended use

  • Recommended for roof decks, tunnels, gardens, bridges, water ponds, walls etc.
  • Separating and protection layer to avoid direct contact between incompatible products.
  • Rated to be used in the construction of road beds, railways, damps, prevent possible erosions, retaining walls, etc.
  • The geotextiles can be used also for permanent protection of the waterproofing membranes and as separating layers in flat roof systems.
ProductRoll (m)m² RollRoll/PalletReferenceDoP
GEOFIM 1202,2×150330982016G
GEOFIM 1502,2×125275982021G
GEOFIM 150 RHB1×50501882022G
GEOFIM 2002,2×100220982030G
GEOFIM 3002,2×75165982050G
GEOFIM 5002,2×60132982070G*

*Product on request. Check minimum quantity


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