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CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Reference: 37469 - 37477


Most living things need oxygen and nitrogen to survive. However the majority of air pollution is the result of the human activities. Currently, the decrease of the cities contamination set real challenges to the industrial sector in general and one of the solutions to preserve the ecological system of our planet consists in incorporating decontamination agents to building materials. 

The POLITABER nature® causes a constant disintegration of polluting oxides (NOx) in by-products that are evacuated through the rainwater. The membrane has a positive effect on the reduction of nitrogen oxides NOx in the air.

The POLITABER COMBI 50/G nature is an SBS modified bitumen membrane, reinforced with a non-woven reinforced polyester felt.

Characteristics of the membrane the POLITABER nature®

  • Decontaminating effect: has a considerable influence on the NOx destruction.
  • Protects against the penetration of the UV radiation: Thermal reflective.
  • Helps to destroy organic contaminants on the surface (excrement, fungi …).
  • Suitable for single layer or bilayer systems.
  • Certified product: NOx reduction according to test 21171 IETcc-CSIC, according to Standard UNI 11484: 2013.
  • Added value for building

EPD Environmental Product Declaration No. 100.013D



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