CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing tape designed to repair aluminium surfaced systems, or to reinforce the waterproofing, joints or overlaps sealing.

Storage: It is recommended to store at temperatures above 5ºC during 6 months maximum starting from production date. It is of most importance to protect the product against weathering and direct exposure to sun rays.


  • Easy application. 100% adhesive
  • Cost-effective.
  • Good adherence on to most substrates.
  • Good resistance to UV rays.


The surface shall be clean, dry and free from grease or any particles that may hinder a correct product adherence. It is recommended to prime Porous substrates with ChovASTAR PREPARADOR DE SUPERFICIE previous to the application of the membrane to ensure its adherence.

The application is easy and fast, no need of special tools. Remove the plastic film of the lower face and adhere the membrane on to substrate. 

ProductColourRoll (m)Rolls/BoxReference
Rapid-Bric C10Natural12×0.101260020
Rapid-Bric C15Natural12×0.15860030
Rapid-Bric C30Natural12×0.30460060
Rapid-Bric C10Red12×0.101260310
Rapid-Bric C15Red12×0.15860320
Rapid-Bric C30Red12×0.30460330


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