Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

Reference: 56306

Multilayer composite product consisting of a polyethylene membrane thermally bonded to a 2 mm. high density viscoelastic membrane.

Recommended use

  • Airborne and impact acoustic insulation of frameworks.


High featured and versatile device designed to decrease airborne noise transmission over a wide range of frequencies:

  • Great density and elasticity (viscoelastic membrane).
  • High elasticity of the polyethylene membrane.
  • Airborne and impact soundproofing.
  • Reduced thickness.

ProdutoThickness (mm)Weight (Kg/m²)Ra;dBA∆Lw (dB)Size (m)
TriACUSTIC 3573,661,8*26**8×1

*Ceilings Test Report. LABEIN B-0082-IN-CT-10911. See System Data Sheet S06.


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