Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

High density viscoelastic sheet designed to improve acoustic insulation.

Recommended use

  • Reinforcement of the acoustic insulation of Dry wall (plasterboard) and wooden floor systems.
  • Refurbishment works requiring thinner solutions.
  • Soundproofing protection and vibration absorption of metal structures.
  • Suitable to be fitted to different acoustic insulation devices such as doors, screens and sound barriers.


  • Excellent barrier against   noise transmission.
  • High density (1,600 kg/m³).
  • High attenuation coefficient.
  • Low flexural modulus.
  • Reduced thickness.

A fully self-adhesive membrane is also available. It has the same features as the ViscoLAM range but with the added benefit of being very helpful for a difficult access laying such as false ceiling.

ProductThickness (mm)Weight (Kg/m²)RA, dBASize (m)m²/PalletReferenceTDS
ViscoLAM 3523,161**10 x 130056001PDF
ViscoLAM 6546,565,6***5,5 x 116556002PDF
ViscoLAM 100 Plancha61067**1,2 x 19056014*PDF
ViscoLAM 100 Rollo61067**4,8 x 112056013PDF
ViscoLAM Autadh. Rollo46,565,6***5,5 x 116556007PDF
ViscoLAM Autadh. Plancha46,565,6***1,2 x 110856005PDF

* Product on request. Check minimum quantity

**Theoretical calculation

***Test LABEIN B130 IN CT-109-

Tolerance of thickness and average weight: 10%


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