Sheet metal installation


The importance of waterproofing

Water is one of the main aggressive agents in construction. The presence of humidity in buildings is the cause of the degradation, both of the structural elements and of the most exposed elements (roofs, facades, etc.).

It is very important to have roofs, terraces or patios prepared and well waterproofed for the possible arrival of winter rains. The high temperatures present during these months cause dilations in the floors of these roofs. Causing cracks and fissures.

Good waterproofing is achieved with materials of absolute quality, such as POLITABER and ChovAPLAST waterproofing sheets. In the following videos we present professional installers applying our waterproofing sheets.

Remember that our team of highly qualified technicians, trained in all roof repairs, restoration and waterproofing, can help you in all the steps of waterproofing. If you have any questions or need more information regarding the waterproofing of your roof, please contact our team of technicians.

Optimal use of bituminous membranes and appropriate installation

Difference between LBM and la membranes

1. Singular elements

2. Joining a roof membrane to a drain

3. Reinforcement strips and pieces

4. Structural joints

5. Joining a roof membrane to a vertical element

6. Non-adhered single layer system

7. Full adhered single layer system

8. Full adhered bilayer system

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