The importance of waterproofing

Water is one of the main aggressive agents in building construction. The presence of humidity in buildings creates serious risks to the integrity of the building, causing structural damages to the most exposed elements   (roofs, facades, foundations etc.).

Waterproofing is an important factor in the safety and durability of the building and of   their underground structures. Thus waterproofing is a fundamental construction requirement to get roofs, terraces, foundations, etc. well prepared for the winter rains and prevent water from entering in the building structure and foundations. The summer high temperatures originate also dilations causing subsequent cracks making easier water filtrations inside the building elements.

The effectively of the waterproofing is achieved with top quality products such as the POLITABER and ChovAPLAST waterproofing membranes. The videos records of this section are testimonials experiences of professional installers laying our waterproofing membranes.

Keep in mind that we have an experienced, professional and proactive Technical staff who can take a lead role in the design of your project and can assist you in all the steps of the building construction or in the refurbishment of your terrace, roof etc. Contact our team to get more information and get the best waterproofing solution for your project.


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