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Nowadays the building sector is directly confronted with energy challenges aimed to achieve energy savings and that lead to the creation of sustainable buildings that optimize their energy performance. However, it is very common to find old buildings in which the roof insulation is non-existent or is reduced to aerated concrete or expanded clay. In this specific case, the ChovATERM product represents the fastest and most economical solution for renovating the waterproofing of the roof terrace while providing an insulation that was previously non-existent.

The ChovATERM forms the perfect union between waterproofing and insulation.

The ChovATERM combines bitumen membranes thermally adhered to XPS extruded polystyrene of different thicknesses.  

  • Thermal insulation: Extruded polystyrene (XPS 300)

  • Bitumen membranes: SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membranes from the POLITABER range


  • Easy laying.
  • Fast and cost less laying
  • Safe

Recommended use

  • New roofing deck or refurbishment.
  • Rated to be laid on to concrete, mortar, fiber cement boards, wood, etc.
  • Light self-protected systems.

The ChovATERM range is designed for bilayer or single layer systems either self-protected or with heavy protection. Laying:  mechanical fixation. Fastening will depend on the type of substrate.

ProdutReinforcementSystemSize (m)Weight (Kg/m²)RT (m² K/W)ThicknessReferenceTechnical Data sheet
ChovATERM XPS 40 POL PY 30FPBilayer6×131,204035015
ChovATERM XPS 50 POL PY 30FPBilayer5×131,505034996
ChovATERM XPS 40 COMBI 50/GReinforced FPMonolayer6×151,204035002
ChovATERM XPS 50 COMBI 50/GReinforced FPMonolayer5×151,205035001


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