Self-protected membranes

Technical data sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CE Marking

AENOR Certificate

The SBS bituminous membranes have the following characteristics:

  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures
  • Great adherence to most types of the building substrates.
  • The mastic itself has a high level of elasticity, which makes it ideal for roofs having oscillating movements.
  • The self-protected membranes are surfaced with mineral chippings thus they are designed to be exposed to weathering.
ProductSurfacing finishingReinforcementWeight (Kg/m²)Roll (m²)Pallet (m²)
POLITABER VEL 40/GPolyethylene granuleFV410250
POLITABER COMBI 40/GPolyethylene granuleFP Reinforced410250
POLITABER COMBI 50/GPolyethylene granuleFP Reinforced58200
POLITABER COMBI FM 50/GPolyethylene granuleFP Reinforced58200
POLITABER PUENTES 60/G TPPolyethylene GeotextileFP.2305.68160
POLITABER PUENTES 60/G TFPolyethylene GeotextileFP.23068160
POLITABER GARDEN COMBI 50/GPolyethylene granuleFP Reinforced58200


FV. Fiberglass. FP: Polyester Felt. PE. Polyethylene film. PR. Polyester Film.

* Product on request. Consult minimum quantity.

Environmental Product Declaration nº 100.013

Self-protected membranes

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