SBS waterproofing membranes – POLITABER

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The POLITABER range is comprised of elastomeric modified bitumen (SBS) waterproofing membranes having a high softening point, a superior flexibility and elasticity and a great adherence to substrate. The membranes are available with different reinforcements and also surface finishing.

Recommended use

  • Recommended for decks, walls and foundations waterproofing.
  • Single layer and bi-layer systems


  • High softening point and excellent performance facing low and high temperatures.
  • Wide application temperature range (either in summer or winter).
  • Great elasticity and mastic bonding.
  • Excellent durability and ageing.
  • Flexibility at -15ºC.
  • Great adherence to substrate.

SBS waterproofing membranes – POLITABER

SBS waterproofing membranes – POLITABER

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